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River Thames Party Boats-Boat Hire London


Boat activities covered by London River Party Boats

Float alongside some of the oldest and most impressive buildings London has to offer, such as:
Houses of Parliament
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
The London Eye
The Tower of London
Tower Bridge
Shakespeare’s Globe
Tate Modern
Cutty Sark
Canary Wharf
HMS Belfast battle-cruiser

In the early
The River Thames contains over 80 islands
The name is derived from the Latin Tamesis referring to ‘dark’ and was called the Temese in Middle English
You’ll often find rowers and kayakers using the river to practice their water sports
The Thames River is the longest river in London; it stretches to 215 miles long
Did you know:
Millennium Footbridge1600s the Thames River froze over and a series of tents and amusements were set up over the water – including bowling on ice!

Thames river party boats





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